The Pelican™ series cast nets are designed by fisherman for fisherman and brought to you by the number one maker of the highest quality cast nets in the world. The tradition of the Calusa Trading Co. was born from the determination of two fishermen to design and create the most superior cast nets available. The standards upheld by the Calusa Trading Co. leads to the development of cast nets that last for many seasons, throw easily, lie flat and sink fast… and most importantly, catch more bait!

The Pelican™ series cast nets are designed with a versatile selection of square mesh, the sizes most used by Pro Fishermen. The Pelican™ series consists of ideal sizes that are for small to medium size bait and great for the beach or the lake. With attention to detail and made with the best material available, The Pelican™ Series is constructed of AAA rated strongest monofilament and 1lb./radius ft. “Fast Sinking” technology… And built to Catch Bait Like A Pro!

*Only available at a local retailer near you.